Purpose. Passion. Persistence Re-Engineer Yourself, The only thingstanding in your way is YOU, is a wonderful and inspiring journeythat combines lifelong lessons of adversity, struggle, passion andpersistence with some of the greatest leadership quotes of our time inorder to help people fnd the best in themselves and others. Jay’s “secretrecipe’s” are beautifully simplifed teachings that are a must read foranyone interested in personal growth, development and leading others.“I never believed in giving up” – Jay Wijesundara

Sal Mazzarelli, HR Manager, Starbucks Canada

Very interesting read, Jay takes the reader on her journey immigrationto Canada, her life lessons learned and packages them in Recipes thateveryone can learn from. There’s are times in all our lives, where eachof us reflects and ponders what our lives have become, Jay provides“Recipes” to get the most out of life. Maximize your potential, Jay’slife experiences and life lessons are practical “Recipes” to unlock yourpotential.

Jim Thompson, Former COO, Walmart China/Canada

Very heartfelt and authentic! Above and beyond the fabulous content,Jay shares authentic stories of understanding and compassion throughher courageous journey with lessons learned. She empowers readerswith the recipes to re-engineer yourself at any phase of your life andhow the only person standing in your way is YOU.

Bonnie Robinson, Former Director - Loss Prevention,Walmart Canada

Once Jay started to research and write her book, she became a morefocused and calmer person. There are many insights in this book thatyou, the reader, will reflect upon and quite possibly guide you to beinga better person in many aspects of your own life. Very professionallywritten Jay, I couldn’t put it down, there were smiles and tears, noteveryone would be able to share the honesty and trials of their life, butyou did it beautifully!

Victoria Evangelisto, Compliance Manager,Walmart Canada

Reading through “Re-engineer Yourself” was similar to revisitingan older concept that I thought I knew so deeply. Reading throughit begins to unveil so many different dimensions unknown to me. Ieagerly, curiously read through the pages while reading betweenthe lines. Jay, bases the analysis on her own experiences in life. It iswritten as a ‘therapy’, a therapy to the author as well as to the reader.The author attempts to challenge the reader by enlightening the truemeaning of being truthful to one’s self. It is a signifcant contribution tothe literature as it inspires the reader by providing different options tochoose to overcome psychological and cultural barriers. The book willbe a friend in need as it shows that the experiences are common amongeveryone, it is not only you, and also provide guidance for relief andhow to overcome problems with confdence. “Re-Engineer Yourself” isspecially recommended for parents and children to read. How importantthe role of a positive family environment to an upbringing of a childis vividly explained in many chapters. The author’s illustration of theimpact of her childhood experiences on her life and how it continuesto make an impact on the childhoods of her own kids is felt so deeplyby the reader. “Re-Engineer Yourself” is the author’s journey of selfrealisation and searching for inner peace and contentment. I trust bywriting this book, Jay has started her journey and invites the readers tojoin her

Dr. Kokila Lankathilake Konasinghe, Faculty of Law,University of Colombo, Sri Lanka