Discover the personal story and rollercoaster feelings that flood you in when dealing with life and how to get back.

Jay Wijesundara


Bestselling Author, Daily Blogger, Motivational Speaker,

“The one thing I have really learned from running - you can’t rush the miles. No matter how fast you run, 5 miles cannot be run in the frst 5 mins.”

Jay (Jayarani) Wijesundara is an author, Daily blogger – (Amazing Quotes) and international personal and professional coach to Toastmaster & Women in Retail who specializes in uncovering the power of soul using “ Practicing the Pause” to develop a person’s achievements, fulfllments and heart-centered success. Born and raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Jay moved to Canada in 1994 and attended University of Waterloo. This opened up her pathway to the personal development, especially being a new immigrant young girl. Her life’s work is about helping people connect with the deepest part of themselves to become who they really are so they can transcend the ordinary immigrant woman who struggle in life and can participate in creating a greater life story for us all. Jay started her career with Walmart in Canada, one of the largest corporations in North America. After 21 years, working with thousands of employees all over the world and later studying and being influenced by the executives, she enabled organization environment to improve the contribution of the women in the workplace. Leaving the corporate world to pursue a career better matched to her higher spirituality. By becoming an author, she trained and worked with women who are struggling to establish themselves in the new country and giving them wilderness survival skills to overcome their fears. Her lifelong commitment to shifting people’s ability to exert real change in their lives drives her each day. Her goals in life are simple--to raise two happy, healthy, productive young adult boys, to keep writing books for as long as she can and make a difference in people’s life and to become a philanthropist by helping kids and new immigrants. She believes - there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but frst we must get through the tunnel. Jay lives in Toronto with her husband, Nish and their children, Dylan and Kyle.

Jay Wijesundara

Author, Speaker, Coach